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We review all the major football predictions games on the internet, so you can choose your favourite or even play them all! There is no limit to the amount of predictions you can submit.

Some games are just for fun, but in others there are big cash prizes to be won. Most prediction games are free to enter, others charge a very small fee – usually around £1 per turn – but these have the biggest jackpots. So it’s up to you which ones you choose to participate in.

Sky Super 6

super6-predictionsSky Super 6 is one of the most popular football prediction games in the world. As featured on the Sky Soccer Saturday program, Super 6 is simple to play. Each week there are 6 matches chosen and all you need to do is predict the correct score in each match.

If you get them all right, you will win a cash prize of £250,000. If nobody gets them all right, Sky give £5000 to whoever gets the closest. Winning that sort of money would be Unbelievable Jeff, but it happens every week, and if you know your football, it can happen to you too.

Super 6 is free to play, so if you’re serious about your football predictions this should be the first thing you try.

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FIFA Predictor

fifa-predictorThis is the official prediction game of FIFA. The Grand Prize on offer is a trip to the Ballon D’Or including flights and accommodation, and there are other runners up and monthly prizes as well.

This game works a bit differently in that you only need to predict the result of one match at a time. If you get it right you start a “streak” and the person with the longest streak of correct predictions sits at the top of the leaderboard. You have a much better chance of getting it right because you only need to predict the match result, not the correct score. But you need to bear in mind that since its easier, it is also very competitive and the prizes aren’t cash like they are with Super 6. However, since it is free to play there is no reason why you can’t lay both games.

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